January 2020: "A box full of colors for a new gourmet decade

We start 2020 very hard with the perfect way. This January box passes through Provence, while making a detour through Brittany or even a hook in the Pyrenees. The entire Coq Gourmet team and our producer partners wish you a wonderful 2020 ! 🎉

Let’s have a look inside ?

Olive delight with truffle – Maison Senet

Made in Provence by the Senet family, this product respects the ancestral methods of manufacture of olive. The result of the delicious marriage between olive and summer truffle, this preparation seasons your hot dishes and reveals all its flavors spread on gourmet bread.
Crab, wakame and oriental condiments. Recipe prepared to spread – L’Atelier du Cuisinier
Discover an original recipe that subtly blends crab with oriental spices. Offer it as an aperitif on toasts of toasted bread, in spoons with a small wedge of cherry tomatoes, as glasses for your starters or as stuffing for your vegetables.

Cake with a brooch – Biscuiterie Vedère

An original cake that delights the palate with its fine taste of fresh butter, vanilla and rum, and that amuses the taste buds. Exceptional dessert, served for special occasions, this skewer cake is one of the specialities of the Pyrenees, brought back to France from the Caucasus by the armies of Napoleon. The Vedère biscuit factory has been its ambassador since 1905.

Chocolate cabécous – Maison Guinguet

If the cabécou is a goat’s milk cheese from the Massif central, these little bites have only the look! Maison Guinguet plays the originality by offering 9 mini cabécous that are in fact generous bites of a tasty praline.

A crunchy and melting specialty, based on almonds and hazelnuts.

Dijon mustard with saffron – Edmond Fallot

Embellished with saffron, this mustard is made in a traditional way by the establishment Fallot in Beaune, mustard maker since 1840. The seeds selected for their quality are crushed as in the past with a stone stone (flint). This prevents the seeds from heating up and preserves their flavors.

Le Vigneau – Côtes de Bergerac Mellow AOC – Half bottle – Colors of Aquitaine

The AOC Côtes de Bergerac is in fact officially designated by the AOC Côtes de Bergerac blanc.
Balanced, between the sweetness and roundness of exotic fruits and the freshness and vivacity of citrus fruits and apricots. A modern and trendy mellow with light weight and fruit.

So what was your favourite product? And how many of you have tasted the cake on the spit for the first time? One thing is certain, 2020 begins in a greedy … 😍

See you soon for new discoveries!

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