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The Coq Gourmet is your monthly pleasure. You receive, directly at your place 6 to 7 products chosen with our utmost care. You will receive salty products, sweets products, a condiment and a drink.

The products are chosen by the Le Coq Gourmet team in close collaboration with French artisans. In the booklet, you find the history of products and producers, why we liked them and what we want to share with you.

Go to the “offer a subscription” page! You only have to choose the formula you want to offer

You only have to indicate the address of the beneficiary at the time of payment (or yours if you wish to receive it and offer it by hand). In this section, it is not a subscription, the offer is not transferable. (ex : if you choose the offer option 3 months, the lucky recipient will receive 3 boxs within the next 3 months, and the subscription does not renew, you do not need to cancel it afterwards.

You can choose to subscribe for one month, three months, six months or a year. You can also buy a single box without a subscription.

When you offer a subscription, it does not automatically renew (e.g., if you want to offer the 3-month formula, it does not renew tacitly after the 3-month period).

Of course! You just need to place several separate orders.

You will receive your box between the 17th and 25th of the month for each order placed before the 7th of the month. For orders placed after 7, you will receive the box for the following month 🙂

Of course ! You can unsubscribe when you wish if you have chosen the formula with monthly levy (or without commitment). On the other hand, if you choose the subscription 3, 6 or 12 months, you are engaged for the chosen duration and you have paid the whole when you purchase. You can change the delivery address and the recipient as many times as you want.

Indicate us at the time of purchase in your account, or tell us via the contact form, and we will adapt your box according to! 🙂

Great, contact us and we’ll be happy to test this product and put it in the box if we share your opinion.

It will tell the story of the products and the producers, we will explain the theme of the box of the month. It makes it possible to take a real trip through our regions!


You can pay by credit card or Paypal.

You are debited 2 days after the purchase.


The box is distributed in France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Sweden.

You can change your delivery address at any time in your account options. You have to change it before the 12th of the month for it to be taken into account on the box of the current month.

Go to The postal codes used on the site are the same as on our partner’s. We let you look at your exact correspondence on their site. That can be a problem of space or language for the name of the city.

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With Le Coq Gourmet you can enjoy a taste of France every month!

Starting at 29.90€/month.