July 2019: "the first one"!

For this July 2019 box, which is also our first, we have created a sunny summer atmosphere! We wanted to introduce you to new flavours that blend perfectly with each other.

So what was he hidden in this first box?

Sichuan pepper tuna spread – Maison Sauveterre

Made with tuna, cream and aromas, this blend is spiced with Sichuan pepper: a spice borrowed from Chinese cuisine with a unique flavor of chilli and citrus fruit. As a toast or a glass of glass, a sprig of chives laid on top and the trick is done!

thon au poivre de sichuan

Candied bell peppers with honey and pepper spread – Bernard Marot

Find in this tartinable a delicious aromatic power and well marked flavors, one of the latest creations of L’Atelier Bernard Marot. A producer of spreads for three generations, the processes have remained traditional while the ideas are innovative.

poivrons confits miel et piment chipotle

Grilled Mini Toasts with Wheat

They are essential to accompany your appetizers, brunches and other delightful moments.

mini toasts - le coq gourmet

Cherry jam – Maison Favols

Favols, located in the heart of the Aquitaine orchards, is a jam shop directly inspired by the culinary and gastronomic talent of the South-West.
It has a goal, always offer the best of the fruit thanks to quality and innovative products like this jam so tasty cherry.

It will be perfect for your breakfasts on toast or a nice slice of baguette.

favols confiture cerise griotte

Milk Chocolate and Salted Caramel Tarts – Amandine’s Favourites

Crunchy, melting, sweet, a hint of salt… This is a combination of flavours and textures that are not far from being addictive!
To continue with the treat, the shortbread biscuit is then topped with a salted butter caramel and covered with a layer of milk chocolate.

tartelettes au chocolat - les préférés d'amandine

Caramel pebbles with fleur de sel – Médicis Paris

Good chocolate with caramel milk and nougatine, all in a jelly

Paired presentation of sweets: glazed and varnished. An exhilarating taste experience with the pleasure of tasting without being full.

duo caramel fleur de sel

AOP CÔTES DE PROVENCE – Masterel Grande Réserve of Provence

This rosé wine seduces by its fruity aromas and its light finish. Very versatile. Pale colour, salmon pink. Fresh nose. Aromas of blackberry and hint of citrus. The palate is well balanced with notes of exotic fruits.

rosé AOP de provence

We hope you enjoyed this first box! We took a lot of pleasure in choosing these products and sending them to you!

See you soon for new discoveries!